West Midlands Railway Watch

Documenting one individual's experience of the service delivered on the West Midlands Railway Cross City line train in Birmingham, mostly travelling during morning and evening commuter times.

Journeys since 2020-02-12
Average 6.63 minutes delay, 53 total minutes late.
TotalOn timeLate
3-5 minutes late5-10 minutes lateover 10 minutes late

(Department for Transport counts journeys as late after 5 minutes, I count journeys as late after 3 minutes)

Economic cost to passengers of delays based on average train occupancy of 150 passengers
Passenger salary£7.20/hr
(Minimum wage)
(Median wage)
(My wage)
Per passenger£6.36£11.66£15.64
Per train£954.00£1,749.00£2,345.25

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18:03 at Selly Oak on 2020-02-18
Departed at 18:11, 8 minutes late.
08:49 at Bournville on 2020-02-18
Departed at 08:49, 0 minutes late.
18:53 at Selly Oak on 2020-02-17
Departed at 19:19, 26 minutes late.
09:09 at Bournville on 2020-02-17
Departed at 09:10, 1 minutes late.
18:33 at Birmingham New Street on 2020-02-14
Departed at 18:40, 7 minutes late.
09:08 at Five Ways on 2020-02-14
Departed at 09:11, 3 minutes late.
18:03 at Birmingham New Street on 2020-02-13
Departed at 18:05, 2 minutes late.
09:08 at Five Ways on 2020-02-13
Departed at 09:14, 6 minutes late.

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